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About us
Who we are?

We are Solaborate, a communication platform company. We believe that reinventing and simplifying communication tools and services represents our greatest opportunity to improve people’s lives and help our planet. Our products empower people to stay connected, improve productivity, and provide better work-life balance.

We have a diverse team at offices spread out in the US, China, and Kosovo. As part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we cultivate an empathetic workspace, a listening environment, always learning and getting inspired by our community. We grow together and dream about the next thing to create together.

Our Vision
To create the world’s most powerful video communication device!

Our vision has always been to create a video conferencing device that adds another dimension to communication. One so immersive, your phone and devices around you respect the TV. And so intelligent, it easily responds to your voice, and even your touch. With HELLO 2, our vision is now a reality.

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